Go direct to India's artisians for your bridal wear

Former Stylist at Asiana Wedding Magazine, Karan Rai founded BRIDE ET AL in 2020 for brides in search of a trousseau with a story. 


Let's Meet

I'm Karan, your guide to India's finest bridal wear

My first step into the world of South Asian fashion was at the studios of Asiana Wedding Magazine. Styling models in the latest Indian and Pakistani wedding attire, I mastered the art of dressing a bride for the biggest day of her life.

With a desire to know who created these bridal garments I began my search for grass-roots level craftspeople.


Finding weavers, embroiders and tailors who could design, stitch and finish a garment to the highest standard led to the birth of BRIDE ET AL.


BRIDE ET AL works with master artisans all over India to create a trousseau that's sustainable, ethically sourced and does good.

If you're a bride-to-be who wants to be dressed by a veteran stylist in consciously made bridal wear, look no further.